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The Insider's Guide to Promoting a Destination's Reputation

Promoting a neighborhood, city, region or country all start from the same place: defining your target market, their needs and desires.

But is there a road map to follow?

We've created an essential guide complete with the best practices for understanding, communicating and promoting  destinations.

Make travelers' expectations and dreams come true. Increase flows and improve your destination's reputation.

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What you'll uncover in this eBook:

  • How to orient yourself in the jungle of data and rankings
  • Uncover the market positioning of your destination
  • Learn the different types of notoriety and find out which is best for your destination
  • How to increase brand relevance and exploit as many attributes as possible
  • Discover tools and solutions to monitor the brand reputation of your destination
  • ... with 7 exclusive tips and tricks to optimize your destination's reputation
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